10 Unintended But Successful Discoveries You Won’t Believe

8. The Post-it

Unintended But Successful Discoveries
In 1968 employee of research laboratories of 3M brand, Spencer Silver by chance developed an invention that does not seem to serve much, i.e. glue that did not stick. Indeed, during the test sessions, this glue was still on one of the two pieces of paper that they tried to stick. Stored in a drawer, this invention came out a few years later by Arthur Fry, a colleague of Spencer, which used the glue to attach small brands to its booklet to regain his texts easily without spoiling the pages. Then the Sticky Notes were marketed in the late 70s, and obviously experienced global practice.

9. Gum

Unintended But Successful Discoveries
Formerly, we used the bread to remove ink stains. So trying to catch a piece of crumb English Edward Nairne accidentally grabbed a piece of rubber tree – resin (gomma), and realized that this natural gum worked better than bread crumbs all the world was using. And as he was not completely stupid, he quickly cast into the trade of natural gums.

10. Chips

Unintended But Successful Discoveries
In a restaurant, a fussy customer demanded fries but he wanted them to be too thick. His decision remains the same for the second time. By way of revenge the angry chef decides to prepare for him so thin and crispy fries that it would be impossible to prick them with a fork. Customers flocked to enjoy this new specialty of the restaurant. Obesity was running.