10 Unintended But Successful Discoveries You Won’t Believe

5. X-rays

Unintended But Successful Discoveries
In 1895, when Wilhelm Roentgen was experimenting radiation on different objects, he had the strange surprise on realizing that the image of the bones of his hand was projected on the wall. At first he said that it was science, the day after when he tested terracotta he said that it was just weird. Then he understood.

6. The Slinky

Unintended But Successful Discoveries
In 1943, Richard James, an American naval engineer based in Philadelphia, began the development of springs that could support and stabilize the fragile instruments during transportation by boats. Failing to accomplish this, he inadvertently dropped it and realized that it manages to down the stairs alone. Finding it pretty funny system, then he had good idea to make a toy. Absolutely all had this toy, even if no one knows the name.

7. Tea

Unintended But Successful Discoveries
According to Chinese legend, boiled water allowed to preserve their health. Therefore the Emperor Shennong boiled a good pot of water with the aim to purify themselves. Leaves of a tea plant fell into the water. The emperor drank and found the invigorating and soothing blend. Well it’s the legend …