10 Unintended But Successful Discoveries You Won’t Believe

2. The Tarte Tatin

Unintended But Successful Discoveries
At the end of the nineteenth century, sisters Stephanie and Caroline Tatin ran a restaurant in Lamotte-Beuvron in Sologne; it was hunters’ landmark in the region. The story tells that one Sunday at the opening of hunting season, Stephanie, who was making an apple pie, forgot to put a paste in the bottom of the dish. Realizing his blunder, she added the dough on top of the cake and let it cook like this. Her clients have found something not too yucky. Tarte tatin became the specialty of the restaurant, before being exported around the world.

3. Coca-Cola

Unintended But Successful Discoveries
Addicted to morphine after an accident, an Atlanta pharmacist John Pemberton Styth, develops a new drug, kind of refreshing syrup, which would allow him to win little by little morphine. At that time the drink called French Wine was a mixture of extract of kola nuts, sugar, caffeine, coca leaves and plant extracts. The drink, which was on sale at the soda-fountain of Jacob’s Pharmacy, was still relatively far from the Coca Cola we know, until a worker has the idea to dilute the syrup with water gas. That is how Coca Cola was born. The brand was Commercially Registered on 6 June 1887.

4. The microwave oven

Unintended But Successful Discoveries
The Director of Raytheon magnetron radar factory and great chocolate lover Percy Spencer had the idea of ​​the microwave oven for the first time at his factory. He realized that his chocolate bar melted in his pocket as he walked close to operating magnetron. Then his company developed the very first microwave ovens, doing tests on the popcorn and eggs.