10 Unintended But Successful Discoveries You Won’t Believe

There are some people who have been working on a problem for years without finding a solution. Others work on some problem and find the solution for another. And finally, some search for nothing but still lucky to get the result. Chance plays a leading role in everyday life. And if you do not believe me, you only need to read this top 10 list.

Ten Unintended But Successful Discoveries

1. Penicillin

Unintended But Successful Discoveries
It was accidentally discovered by Alexander Fleming during his researches on flu. Returning from vacation on September 3, 1928 Dr. Alexander Fleming found that traces of mold had been nicely cultivated in his lab Petri dishes where he was growing staphylococcal cultures and destroyed staphylococci. “Cleanliness is an enemy of science.”