10 Things to Do in Kolkata Instead of Visiting Shopping Malls

Things To Do in Kolkata, India – It has become extremely fashionable to just visit shopping malls and multiplexes. However, it goes without saying that even the tech-savvy mobile phone embracing generation finds it boring to go to the same places all the time. This article will give some ideas as to what can be done around the city of Kolkata instead of just visiting the same old places.

10 Things to Do in Kolkata, India

10. Getting a Ramkrishna Mission Library Membership

Things to Do in Kolkata
You do not have to be an avid reader to get a library membership. You can just choose to sit in the serene atmosphere and flip through the pages of any book that catches your attention. There are a great number of books available to read. The membership cost is quite low as well.

2. Visiting Bookstores in College Street

Things to Do in Kolkata
Once again, the idea is not to buy books but to browse through them. It can help kill time really well. There are many new and old bookstores where a great diversity of books and book sellers will be present! You can spend chatting away with any known faces as well, while having tea or “Gola” which is nothing but colored and flavored syrup with ice.

3. Hanging out with friends for adda in Coffee House

Things to Do in Kolkata
The Coffee House is a legendary place to hand out with buddies. Famous singer Manna De had a song after this place. The intellectual debates and heated exchanges over fried snacks and coffee inside the premises of this old building can be extremely stimulating. The waiters can be cranky and they might insist that you leave the table and free it for others but sharing tables, distributing one coffee among several friends are some of the commonest things that you can see in Coffee House and all this has a flavor of their own.

4. Enjoying the tranquil of St. Paul’s Cathedral

Things to Do in Kolkata
This place will take you to a higher spiritual level. It is so quiet and the interiors are so peaceful. To get peace of mind, there are few better places than this. Located near Nandan, it is also easy to commute to. One can either get down at Exide or can simply take the Metro to Rabindra Sadan.

5. Catching a new play by a reputed theater group

Things to Do in Kolkata
Plays can change the mood of any person. There are many popular theaters in Kolkata, including Academy of Fine Arts, Tapan Theater among others. There are some in the northern part of the city, while others are at the southern part. One can easily choose any particular show and what they will see is something that no movie can ever beat – live performance by extraordinarily talented actors.

6. Checking out the art galleries

Art galleries  in Kolkata
You do not have to be an art connoisseur to appreciate good paintings and sketches. Most of us have a good subjective idea of our own preferences and that is what matters. It is for your own consumption and eye feast only. You can also tag along a friend with whom you can discuss what exactly the most abstract of arts mean.

7. Regroup with friends at JU Green Zone

Jadavpur University Green Zone
The Jadavpur University has a pretty sprawling campus and Green Zone is a popular destination for pals to hang out. You can spread you legs on the green grass or nicely made concrete sitting arrangements and chat your heart out till 8pm in the evening. After that, you may have to leave on account of the not so polite whistle of the guard!

8. Enjoy Rides in Nicco Park

Things to Do in Kolkata
Nicco Park is a very popular place to unwind at. There are lots of fun rides to enjoy and you can have a blast not just with your friends but your family as well. Your family members won’t be able to bore you regarding your professional or personal life or your career as their lectures will be subdued by the sound of the breathtaking rides!

9. Get some Fresh Air of the Ganges

Things to Do in Kolkata
The riverside has always been the ideal romantic retreat. In fact, the old Bengali movies regularly used to feature couples like Suchitra Sen and Uttam Kumar enjoying the cool breeze by the riverside. The moonlit night and the reflection on the ripples of the Ganges with the boats and launches moving slowly in the backdrop of the high rises of the city in the distance makes for a pretty picture.

10. Hire a car and enjoy the city night

Things to Do in Kolkata
Ultimately, the best way to spend time in the city is to get a car and carry a camera with enough space on the chip. Taking snaps at the dead end of the night in a city which is otherwise bustling with activity all the time will be a fascinating experience for sure. You will relish every single one of those moments even in the future.

Written By; Kisholoy Mukherjee