10 Things That Make You Look Ugly

As a human (the most civilized form of the living beings), we have the responsibility of portraying beauty, class and posh aura, to make other species of the animal kingdom envy..:p. Lol, no, just kidding.
Below are those ten things that make you look ugly no matter how expensive is your dress, how sauve is your hairdo and how ravishing your heavy pan cake make up is.

10. Screeching tone

Things That Make You Look Ugly
“I need to put fingers into my ears for I can’t bear with the loud conversations going on around me”, if you ever said so, probably, this means, people around you speak way too loud, may be in ultrasonic frequency.:p. Well screeching tones certainly makes one ugly, no matter what. So keep your tones under check and make sure it’s just audible enough.

9. Excessive revelation

Mona Lisa Hot Cleavage
Oh! If you think, the excessive display of legs, cleavage, or any part of the flesh makes you look ravishing, you are highly mistaken. It’s not because you look super beautiful, that you earn the stares, it’s because of the unease and discomfort it causes amongst the people socially and there you go with all the oggles.

8. Multicolor hairdo

Multicolor hairdo
I couldn’t resist laughing the other day when I met a girl with almost, I assume, five different hues on that small one pound head with short tresses. Seriously, it looks no graceful and makes you a clown with a sheer display of horrible color sense.

7. The broken face, the sullen look

sullen look
Imagine with pan cake make up, finally you succeeded to get that million dollar look, and at last, you forgot to put up a smile on your face, do you think it would do any justice to your parlor appointments ? Nope, for it will make you look if not ugly at least, unattractive. So, sport a smile always.

6. Complaining and grumping

Signs Of Negative People
I met someone and said a “wow” for she literally was beautifully at least ” EXTERNALLY” but as the seconds and minutes slipped by my hands, I wanted to run away from that place because the only thing that girl did was talk negatively about people, surroundings and almost anything under the sun.
Oh jeez, I couldn’t afford to bear with her grumping nature for more than 10 minutes.
Complaining consistently is a huge turn off.

5. Foul tongue

How to Start Cursing
Oh, so you thought, dropping F bombs every now and then and calling people by acidic abusives rather than the names that their parents suggested so lovingly, makes you sound cool ? Nope, not at all. The foul tongue makes you ugly like anything. Try quitting it.

4. The Ego

Yuck, the inexpensive ego you wear, makes everything expensive seem so low both on economic and social fronts. Cmon, folks, practice humility. Why keeping that ugly ego deep within only to lurk the otherwise person you could be without it?

3. Criticizing and condemning

Criticizing and condemning
Do you do that too ? I mean condemning people and stuff only to sound how knowledgeable and elite you are? If so, then I would suggest stop doing it. If you read all those top class books by first class biggie authors only to gain knowledge for making others sound like fools or for criticizing them, then, please stop it. Waste neither your time nor the bucks on the books. Why do you wish to look ugly by looking down upon everything around you ?

2. Lack of mannerisms

Lack of mannerisms
Cease associating manners with the Victorian era, cmon, people manners make us what we actually are that is humans, for without them, we shall not be able to distinct ourselves from other animals who are not so social.

1. Fats

fat make you look super ugly
Trust me, the extra calories spoil everything. From the sophistication to the politeness to the expensive attire to the beauty smile. Literally, fat has enough of juices to make you look super ugly. Try working upon it.

Ten Things That Make You Look Ugly

  1. Screeching tone
  2. Excessive revelation
  3. Multicolor hairdo
  4. The broken face, the sulken look
  5. Complaining and grumping
  6. Foul tongue
  7. The Ego
  8. Criticizing and condemning
  9. Lack of mannerisms
  10. Fats

With this, we realize beauty is not a physical concept alone. A lot of things come complimentary for free that can make or break your that million dollars looks.

Written By; Palak Gupta