Top 10 Things That a Democracy Should Provide

Every country should ideally look after its citizens. This is because there is every reason to believe that a disgruntled citizenry would suddenly become angry and do things which are normally not acceptable in any democratic setup. The following is a list of ten things that any democratic country should ensure for the smooth functioning of society.

Top 10 Things That a Democracy Should Provide

1. Reducing Inequality

10 Things That a Democracy Should Provide
Few of us can deny that inequality is something that comes across as grotesque to the eye. It looks terrible that some people will enjoy eating in five star restaurants while the rest will have to make do with very little food. This must end and there is little doubt that it must be the government that has to take the leading role in completing this task.

2. Eradicating Absolute Poverty

Eradicating Absolute Poverty
The poverty reduction programs must be taken with great earnestness. In the post-Washington Consensus as well, it has been earmarked as one of the most important tasks. Poverty can be considered to be a very painful thorn in the flesh of a democracy. It is totally unacceptable for some people to not have the basic amenities which are required to make a decent living. No one should have to suffer from abject poverty. See Also; Vulture Stalking a Starving Child – Most Iconic Photograph.

3. Ensuring Quality Education For All

Quality Education For All
Without proper education, no human being can fully flourish. It is impossible to be properly established with dignity unless there is a sufficient degree of educational attainment. For this, the government has to take proactive role so that there is no obstacle to the human development process. The minds must be able to transcend all barriers and search for newer pastures. See Also; Top 10 Ways to Improve Quality of Education.

4. Separating Religion From State

Separating Religion From State
The religious sentiments of people can have two very different results. On the one hand, it is possible for people to cow down to religious pressure. On the other hand, it is also a fact that private practice of religion may provide solace and mental satisfaction. This means that there must be a complete separation of state machinery from the private domain of religious belief. As long as this separation is there, there should not be any problem.

5. Bringing Women’s Empowerment

Women Empowerment
Gender equality is still a distant dream in most parts of the world. For a democratic regime therefore, women’s empowerment as a part of the process of bringing about gender parity should be high up in the list of priorities. Women have been historically subjugated by men and they have remained the “second sex” for way too long. It is high time that the trend is reversed. See Also; 10 Most Powerful Women of The World Today.

6. Removing Racial, Ethnic And Other Discrimination

Racial Discrimination
There are many countries where cosmopolitan culture has come to stay. There is a number of religious, ethnic, caste, racial or other such communities or groups in countries. If a democratic government is in power, its duty will be to ensure that there is no discrimination against any particular group, especially by the majority. Protection of minority is a prime duty of such a people’s government.

7. Taking Care Of The Elderly

Taking Care Of The Elderly
The elderly must always be treated with respect. They have always worked hard when they were young and now in their old age they must be allowed to relax a bit. This means that the state should take care of them not just financially but through social institutions as well.

8. Caring For The Disabled

Caring For The Disabled
A society can be judged by the manner it treats its disabled. The disabled people have no option but to rely on other people for their existence. In such a situation, not a paternalistic but a caring and sensitive approach towards them is the need of the hour. The society will continue to harbor prejudiced notions regarding them unless the state intervenes and teaches its citizens by showing them the way to treat others with politeness. Special schemes and social mechanisms must be in place for this.

9. Fostering Security And Peace

Security And Peace
It is widely acknowledged that social unrest occurs because of existing injustices. In other words, there are thieves and robbers and terrorists only because they feel left out and exploited in some way. It is important to give them some time to reform themselves. This means it is important to have a prison system based on the notion of rehabilitation rather than punitive measures.

10. Having Friendly Relations With Neighboring Countries

Things That a Democracy Should Provide
Jingoism is counterproductive for the democratic project. True democracy means developing good relations with everybody. This also includes having the right kind of mindset towards the countries with whom there may have been certain degrees of hostility. Having a grip over emotions is necessary and the art of truly democratic statesmen is to have patience while listening to the other side. Age old squabbles that can lead to loss of life over either side of the border can be resolved by dealing more compassionately.

Written By: Kisholoy Mukherjee