10 Things Must be Avoided During Pregnancy

To becoming mother of a child is dream of every woman. When she conceived she got chance to live her dream, as now she is not alone! A small baby is taking breath in her womb. Pregnancy is the time when she should be careful at everything which she is doing. She should be particular from her daily diet to her everyday’s activities, from her physical works to her mental activities. It is a wonderful feeling experienced by every woman in her life, even for once.

However, there are many myths floating around an expecting mother. This is too confusing. Still there are some things which should be completely avoided during pregnancy, for the welfare of baby and mom. It is priority of her to maintain these protocols, which are given below. Here are some codes of behavior which a pregnant woman must follow. This list will bring a pregnant woman out from her dilemma which she faces in during her pregnancy.

Ten things must be avoided during pregnancy:

1. Smoking – Must be Avoided During Pregnancy

 Pregnant Women Quit Smoking
Smoking can result in premature delivery of baby or early rupture of membranes in the mother. It also restricted the passes of oxygen intake of fetus, affect the baby in its growth, increase the risk of congenital defects and reduce weight and size of fetus. Research says maternal smoking can cause early puberty in boys and increase the drug dependency in the girls. Smoking during pregnancy gives negative effects.

2. Avoid Alcohol Consumption

alcohol consumption during pregnancy
In the case of drink consumption during pregnancy there is no guidelines. Although it is a fact that it is harmful, but still it is mystery why it’s harmful?

Latest research is saying that consumption of alcohol during pregnancy can result in birth deficiency or ill-effect. Like poor physical growth, mental disability or learning deficiency. In fact excessive consumption of alcohol during pregnancy can lead to create a disease in baby called “Fetal alcohol syndrome”. It is an epidemic.

Pregnant themselves admit in interview that the consumption of drink create so many complications in their pregnancy.