10 Things Can Give You A Makeover For Your Room

I am a kind of person who can hardly think of getting a makeover for his or her room. I lead a very busy life and that is why I don’t get enough time to think of my room. I am sure there is many of you facing the same problem what I am facing now. We hardly manage time for other things to do in this busy and fast life style. So, I am going to suggest you top 10 things which can give a quick but long-term makeover for your room.

1. Paints

Paints Makeover For Your Room
Are you bored with you wall colour but don’t want to spend a lot to paint them? Buy a little amount of your favourite paint to colour one of the 4 walls. So the result will be- one wall is painted red and the rest of 3 are painted pink. This effect alone can give a complete change of your room. Try to paint it by yourself as it is very easy and affordable. You can learn how to paint wall online.

2. Pillows

Pillows Makeover For Your Room
Believe it or not, pillows add an extra glamour to your room. Now day’s sofa pillows with metallic printed pillow covers are in fashion. Metallic printed pillow covers doesn’t need to be in contrast with your wall colour or with the theme of your room. It goes with every theme very well. Geometrical printed covers are also becoming a new trend. So grab some trendy pillow covers with geometrical patterns, metallic prints, or block prints etc.

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3. Home decor Canvas paintings

Home decor Canvas paintings
Interior home decoration absolutely becomes incomplete without hanging a canvas decor painting on your wall. Even interior designers also concentrate a lot on canvases while there is a question of decoration. Choose the trendiest one for your room. You can find many options online also.

4. Vases

Vases Makeover For Your Room
Vases are one of the fine decorative items to decorate your room and trust me it will aid some great contrast in your room. It doesn’t matter whether you are placing the vases in the living room or in bed room. It will highlight the area brilliantly. Buy different sized and different styled vases. To add ethnicity, grab terracotta vases.

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5. Handicrafts

Handicrafts Makeover For Your Room
Our Concrete life reflects on our home, actually on the interior of our home. By adding a few of natural items in your room can give a different impression to your guests.

6. Bean bags

Bean Makeover For Your Room
Bean Bags are really a cool item what you can add in your living area. Just as the picture above, buy the bean bags which are not in the same colour as of the wall. Bean bags take very low space but add more variation. You can buy beans and the cover separately. By doing this you can able to change the bean bag cover to a new trendy one whenever you like.

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7. Plants

Plants inside house
Plants can be used as a decorative medium to give a big transformation to your home. Only a few pots of plants can give a great natural effect. Indore plants it selves are good looking. And when it is clubbed with a good decorated room, the look becomes excellent.

8. Rugs

Rugs Makeover For Your Room
Interior Decoration becomes incomplete without a piece of rug inside the room. Rugs are really in now days. Rugs costs a bit loud for a heavier and better one. Printed rugs are more common than any other form of rugs. Rugs go well with wooden floor. When you buy rug don’t tend to buy traditional printed one. Rather buy geometric prints, fluffy monochrome rugs etc.

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9. Printed wall

Printed wall Makeover For Your Room
Wall stencils are nowadays becoming very popular item for decorating home. They give not only a better look but also an illuminative appearance of your wall. No need to hurdle with money for buying too much furniture! A printed wall can go well with sleek minimal furniture! See Also; 15 Inspirational Interior Design Color Schemes.

10. Chandelier

Chandelier Makeover For Your Room
When it comes to a chandelier, I don’t know why but I become too excited. If you don’t want to waste a huge amount of money for the decoration then this one is a great idea to decorate. Buy a very elegant chandelier for your room. Yes it will cost a lot but remember one thing, when you highlight your room with a chandelier it will gather all the attention alone. No one will be bothered about the rest of the decoration of the room. The more elegant will be your chandelier, the less will be the other decoration. And that is how you can save some pennies. Even bright traditional chandeliers go well with trendy sleek European designed homes.
So now you decide which one will be the key for you to reach you goals of making your home a little more attractive. Don’t put all of these of course. It will not only ruin your money but also destroy the goal!

List Created By: Pritha Ghosh