Top 10 Reasons Why the World Loves India

India has come a long way since its day of Independence. The nation has evolved much to the world’s awe and admiration. Here we take a look at some of the key reasons that make this biodiversity hotspot a revered name.

Top 10 Reasons Why the World Loves India

10. Revered food destination

Indian Cuisine
Indian Cuisine Reasons Why the World Loves India.

Indian is undoubtedly a remarkable gastronomical destination. The cultural diversity offers rich variety of exotic food ranging from simple dishes to street food to rich gravy meals. Also, the eat-out experiences vary to a great degree. From street vendors to fine-dining restaurants, there are plenty of options for foodies. There are lovers of Indian food worldwide who swear by Indian delicacies.

9. A popular investment hub

popular investment hub
Top 10 Reasons Why the World Loves India.

World’s most preferred outsourcing destination, India currently provides IT and ITES services to over 90 countries. A recent report by AT Kearney ranks India the highest in terms of the availability of talented, skilled and experienced workforce. India has a favorable tax and regulatory environment, a stable political government and low labor and infrastructure costs, which makes it an attractive investment hub.

8. Bollywood’s entertainment dose

Top 10 Reasons Why the World Loves India
Bollywood’s worldwide popularity was clearly exhibited when US President Barack Obama quoted actor Shah Rukh Khan‘s movie dialogue in his speech in India this year. Though critics do not see Indian movies as great cinema but people love them as a cultural experience of the unknown, unique and perplexing East. Bollywood offers a good dose of mindless fun, with visual delights, opulent sets, exotic attires and beautiful actors.

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7. Least expensive for foreign education

Indian students
Top 10 Reasons Why the World Loves India.

India happens to be amongst the top 15 least expensive countries for education. According to a Business Standard report, the average annual cost, including university fees and living expenditure of an undergraduate international student in India is $5,642, of which $581 is university fees. The major reason for such low costs is that the state-run universities are heavily funded by the government. Also, the cost of living for overseas students is lower in emerging markets like India.

6. Preferred expat destination

India's Safest cities
The most populous democracy in the world is a rising economic superpower. The business opportunities and career options created are plenty and have been attracting expats from across the globe. A bright and cheerful country, India offers expats a delightful chance to experience a culture that is very different from theirs. Indian metro cities offer very good standard of living for a relatively low cost. Apparently, most of expats in India live affluent lifestyles. Basic necessities including childcare, education, housing, recreational facilities and food cost much less compared to that in western countries.

5. One of the best destinations for history buffs

Agra-Taj Mahal World Heritage Site
India is a treat to heritage aficionados. There are 32 World Heritage Sites in India out of which 25 are cultural heritage sites and 7 are natural heritage sites. History buffs usually throng the ancient cities of India to study the ancient temple art and the medieval Indian architecture. The experience of exploring the nation’s ancient relics and architectural ruins rising over bustling cities is both inspiring and mind-boggling.

4. Low cost healthcare

India's healthcare system
Medical tourism is a booming sector in India. With a growth rate of 30%, it is a $2 billion industry. More and more westerners are turning to India for low-priced healthcare procedures every year. There are a number of reasons that make medical treatment in India appealing. These include the availability of latest medical technologies, low costs and a growing compliance on international quality standards.

3. Climate and rich biodiversity

biodiversity of India
A land of varied ecozones, India’s eclectic terrain makes for a variety of climatic conditions. While it snowfalls in the mighty Himalayas, the coastal regions stay humid and temperate. Apparently, India has a very rich flora and fauna. According to Wikipedia, India hosts 8.6% of all mammalian, 13.7% of all avian, 7.9% of all reptilian, 6% of all amphibian, 12.2% of all piscine, and 6.0% of all flowering plant species.

2. Ancient Indian traditions and cultures

Ancient Indian traditions and cultures
Foreigners travelling to India usually get into culture shock given the stark contrast in the way of life. Life’s rhythm is way too different in this land of ancient culture and traditions. The warm hospitality of Indians, strong family values, exotic festivities, magnificent wedding ceremonies and unique attires are some of the cherished elements of this cultural diaspora. India will teach you about togetherness and bonding, and about cultures vastly different from your own.

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1. Land of yoga and spirituality

Yoga in India
Every year thousands of spiritual seekers and yoga enthusiasts flock to India for travel and transformation. Unlike the west, yoga in India is authentic and wholesome. It is here that yoga holds its true meaning of self knowledge and realization. Varied traditional yoga styles and lineages offer great scope for any yoga practitioner to evolve further. A trip to India for spiritual pursuits turns into an exhilarating odyssey for many.

Written By; Kiran Bisht