10 Reason You Would Love Being a Woman

Over the years, what we ever read through the pages of history were the portrayal of the negativity of the women strata. None neither cared nor cares showing the luxury attached with being a woman. Following points would make you adore your woman avatar like never before.

10 Reason You Would Love Being a Woman

#10. Tenderness

tenderness mother daughter
One of the best things of being a lady is the tenderness associated with it. That soft look, sugar filled heart and politeness doning you is so very fascinating. You are symbolic to the softness which keeps the otherwise harsh world balanced.

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#9. Hairdo’s

10 Reason You Would Love Being a Woman
You can not deny the fact ladies, our hairdo somewhat represents us, separates us from the crowd. More or less, it speaks of who we are as individuals and gives a strong message about our choices and tastes. I wonder if we were men, we would have been carrying almost similar, mundane hair cuts.

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#8. Admiring the face

10 Reason You Would Love Being a Woman
The kohl in the eyes, cherry coloured lip shades, the expensive foreign blushers on your cheeks is a privilege that we ladies can afford. Any marks, discoloration gets conceled in a flash which again is something that hard core men are devoid of.

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#7. Heels

10 Reason You Would Love Being a Woman
Are you short? Who cares? We have heels, high heels and super high heels to offer you but what about men ? Do they get this luxury? So thank the world and fashion houses for being so considerate to the women folk. I personally go gaga over high heels and do not step out without them.

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#6. Leave from work place

10 Reason You Would Love Being a Woman
Are you men folk jealoused? How can we forget, we have the maternity leave whilst, the paternity leave is still an issue.

Also we women have a choice to continue with our ambitious shade and rock the workplace or cease the same for the home, kids and family sake. This certainly is the choice that men never got to try hands on so far and even in foreseeable future, the situation remains unchanged.

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#5. Pre-Mother phase

10 Reason You Would Love Being a Woman
A ladie’s pregnancy is quite a moment. To carry a whole new life in a stomach is not an easy task and the kind of love, attention, affection, care and concern we get makes us forget all the pain that we go through and it makes everything so bearable. After all who would miss being the center of the Earth? A friendly reminder, I just entered my early twenties, this whole mother thing is purely a work of imagination and observation, haha.

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#4. Less of the worldly pressure

10 Reason You Would Love Being a Woman
As a woman how much I earn? What is my rank, job profile? What do I do ? How many men I control/command? Am I a leader or follower are the questions that I do not have to bother about.

It goes without saying that these are the most dreaded questions that men get to face by the society. Considering my own example, I am over ambitious. Lol, yet the society never bothers me to ask the above written questions.

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#3. Less work, more appreciation

10 Reason You Would Love Being a Woman
Every time I do something different and unusual, the world showers me with the words like, “oh, you are a girl and yet you do all this etc stuff, great mate” which exactly is the opposite of what men get to hear. It goes something like this, “oh, boy! That is all you did? Get pumped up buddy, prove your worth.”

I just pass a sly smile and walk away. Grinning away to the glory.

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#2. The colorful us!

sexy summer girls
From peach to mauve, from emerald green to sea green, we know it all and we use them all in our dresses, in our make up, bags,shoes and what not? We don’t stick to black and white, blue or red. We ladies have the responsibility of making this world colorful.

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#1. Chivalry

woman most beautiful
Sigh! Take a deep breath. This one is all time favorite of mine. It just does not make sense to me at all and yet gives the most coveted royal sensation to my soul when the same man (whom I compete against being a tom boy and ranting about gender equality) offers to open the door for me, holds umbrella for me and etc. At that very moment I wonder I get the dual benefit of being a woman. I can choose to be a feminist for a second and then can switch to being a lady the very next moment.


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Nutshell: This article is just written on a lighter note considering a bit of humor which I believe gets intolerable at times. Rest assured I meant no offense to the men folk. So hi- five.

List Created By: Palak Gupta