10 Natural Solutions That Will Relieve Your Pain

There are different types and levels of pains. But on the whole, it describes the feeling of discomfort, irritation and distress. Most of the times, pain is caused by inflammation. And it is important to recover from it before it brought destructions.

Pain could remain constant, like an ache. If this will not be treated early, you may suffer from loss of appetite and lack of sleep. It may also affect your mood and interaction with the people around you.

According to Marisa Moore, a registered nutritionist and a dietitian, our food intake could lessen inflammation. So aside from drugs, food, coincidentally, could also act as a curative medicine. Here are 10 of the natural first aid you can count on to grant relief.

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Top 10 Natural First Aid Remedies

1. Cherries patch up headache and joint pain

If you are tortured by headaches and joint pains and you don’t want to cling to conventional medicines much often, the best pick is a bowl of cherries every day. It relieves your headache without upsetting your tummy. Cherries are loaded with anthocyanins similar to aspirin and ibuprofen that are proven to be anti-inflammatory.

2. Enjoy a cup of yogurt and overcome dysmenorrhea

University of Massachusetts researchers conducted tests to calcium intake of 3000 women. They found out that consuming yogurt or other calcium-rich products lowered PMS by 40%.

During the menstrual period, the muscle contracts excessively, which causes pain. Yogurt contains calcium, balancing electric ion in our body.

Yogurt has the ability to relax the nervous system consequently alleviating the disturbing signs of premenstrual syndrome. An 8-ounce cup of yogurt could add up 25% more calcium each day.

3. Salty water helps fixing ingrown nails

Salt is perfect for treating pain and swelling. A teaspoon of salt diluted in warm water grants relief to ingrown toenails.

To be free from infection, keep your feet in the water with salt for five minutes every day. The water will go through the cracks and will destroy bacteria that lead to infection. Use cotton to slightly push the skin from the nail. Cover the toe with gauze to prevent bacteria and see a podiatrist to pull up the toenail.

4. Pineapple is a remedy for digestive distress

If bloating is a huge matter for you, a cup of pineapple juice on a daily basis can cut bloating for 72 hours. Pineapple has proteolytic enzymes that break down the proteins responsible for combating gas in the stomach and small intestine.

5. Horseradish for sinus issues

Horseradish clears upper respiratory passages, which helps treat infection, flu, lung congestion and sinusitis. It is more effective to eat it fresh and raw because cooking eliminates its health benefits.

Horseradish has allyl isothiocyanate and mustard oil, which are proven to be antibacterial along with vitamin C, potassium, glutamine, glucose, magnesium, phosphorus and acid sulfate. It also has Singrin, an extremely potent glycoside that helps stimulate blood vessels.

Munching 3 to 5 grams of grated horseradish thrice a day will make you well. Either way, you can blend it with honey or apple cider vinegar.

6. Garlic oil fights embarrassing ear infections

Did you know that garlic oil beats bacteria that caused the infection? Simmer cloves of crushed garlic in an extra virgin oil for two minutes and drain. Place two to three drops of warm garlic oil into your aching ear twice daily for five days to clear out an ear infection.

7. Soothe aching muscles with peppermint oil

As a result of working too hard, our muscles cramp up during bedtime. Peppermint oil soothes rheumatism, arthritis and tired muscles. Add some drops of peppermint oil into your daily bath. Without any side effects, your agitated nerves and aching muscles will calm down. You can also massage the oil around the muscle.

8. Tomato juice ceases leg cramps

Excessive perspiration during a daily workout can cause leg cramps. But many of us didn’t know that drinking coffee and other diuretics could also lead to muscle contraction because of potassium deficiency. Tomato juice alters the effects of those drinks and keeps you away from leg cramps because it is rich in potassium.

A research from University of California Los Angeles recommends 10 ounces of tomato juice daily for a 10-day recovery period.

9. Eat grapes to ease up backaches

Grapes are perhaps the best choice if you are experiencing persistent backaches because they help out in enhancing the blood flow and relaxing your blood vessels. Eating a cup of grapes each day can loosen up tight blood vessels, considerably improving blood flow to damaged tissues.

After eating grapes for some hours, blood will flow freely to the vertebrae hence soothing the pain which is also therapeutic for impaired tissue.

10. A cup of blueberries eliminates bladder infections

Not only blueberries are tempting, but half a cup of this every day either fresh, frozen or as a juice can clean up urinary tract infections. Blueberries contain tannins that rapidly beat E. coli, the bacterium that causes UTI.