10 Most Romantic College Traditions in USA

Most Romantic College Traditions. College is the place for learning first, but one can simply deny it’s also a place where numerous people fall in love for the first time.

Of course, even when it comes to personal measures of romance, every college wants to be the best. We believe these 10 spots and the college traditions surrounding them, to be the most romantic on US college campuses.

10 Most Romantic College Traditions

10. Spoofer’s Stone, University of Arkansas

Spoofer’s Stone, University of Arkansas
Spoofer’s stone is considered to be a remnant of the Old Main building and expresses a tradition well appreciated to the folks of the University of Arkansas. It became a place known for men to ask the big question. The tradition required that the couple breaks a chip of the stone to symbolize their marriage, which tells why the stone has such a rugged image. The chipping of the stone has since been banned, but it continues to signify a great tradition.

9. Kissing Rock, Carthage College

Kissing Rock, Carthage College
The Kissing Rock has meant a key part of Carthage University’s tradition. It was torn from a field way back in 1913 and has since been a popular destination, as traditions state that a woman is supposed to kiss any man observed occupying the space around this mysterious stone. The stone, covered in paint and graffiti and weighing 5000 pounds, isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, which its guests hope is a metaphor for the flexibility of their love.

8. Old pump, Purdue University

Old pump, Purdue University
The lovers path. Back in the early days of Purdue University, there was a law that restricted ladies from attending dates on weeknights, and an imposed limit for the ladies to get back to their dorms before the specified time. The old water pump was conveniently placed next to the ladies’ areas, so young lovers would find a reason to step out past curfew under the pretense of getting water from the pump. Today the area still serves as a romantic place for the campus’ groups, and the eighth among Most Romantic College Traditions.

7. Orton Tower Bells and Oval Walk, Ohio State University

Ohio State University
It is said that if a couple steps hand in hand across the Oval as the Orton tower bells ring, and no one passes over their path, then their love will last eternally. Since the Oval is the heart of one of the largest populations of any college campus in the world, this one may be difficult to pull off. Since this one may need multiple attempts, you can recharge at nearby Mirror Lake, a romantic place in its own right.

6. Botany Pond, University of Chicago

Botany Pond, University of Chicago
The Botany pond has been in existence in the quad of the University of Chicago since 1902. The pond had a wide diversity of animal and plant variety, but nowadays is mostly koi and a poorer variety of plants. Still, it is an extraordinary biological oasis within the major metropolitan area. There is a story claiming that if a couple kisses on the bridge that crosses the pond, they will end up wedding each other.

5. Widener Library Stack Smooching, Harvard University

Widener Library Stack Smooching
As part of the college rites of taking your sweetheart somewhere less famous for a secret rendezvous, be it kissing, making out, or something more, the school’s Widener Library is the ideal spot. It’s actually considered to be a rite of passage for undergraduate students. Though few students have succeeded to pull this one off to success, there are dark and hardly used parts of the library that could serve as the ideal romantic spot to go with your significant other if you are a Harvard student provided the books do not bother you and you are unmoved by the danger of being found.

4. Rock Arch, Bryn Mawr College

10 Most Romantic College Traditions
There is a general saying that, if it happens twice at Bryn Mawr, it’s a tradition. The college alums can attest to this. There are several traditions that the school still attends to date. The Moon Bench for instance is at the end of the senior line. As the story goes, if lovers sit together on this seat they will finally break up. Since 1989, the myth has eased up to the rule that you can’t kiss someone while seated on the seat. In the opposition of that spot is the Rock Arch, under which you can kiss and assure a lasting relationship.

3. Passion Puddle, Rutgers University

Passion Puddle, Rutgers University
The Rutgers University prides in a set of extracurricular activities. The most romantic of these places and activities is the Passion Puddle. Located between the Cook and Douglas campuses (constituent schools of Rutgers), the legend originally said that if a male student from Cook College and a female student from Douglas College took hands and walked around the water three times they would be married.

2. Shoe Tree, Murray State University

Shoe Tree, Murray State University
Just a small distance from Pogue Library, the Shoe Tree sits in the sun with at least 50 pairs of mismatched shoes added to it. No one in MSU has any idea when the Shoe Tree started but that has not stopped them from honoring the tradition. It is believed that if two students meet at Murray State, fall in love and then get marry, they will have good luck only if they nail a shoe to the Shoe Tree. Lovers make it a rule to record their anniversaries in their shoes as well. It is also normal for people to return to nail a baby’s shoe to confirm that they have started a family. Today’s Shoe Tree is the second after the first was hit by lightning and after a caught fire.

1. Rose Well House, Indiana University

Rose Well House, Indiana University
The Rose Well House, a comfortable little gazebo on the Indiana University campus in Bloomington is the most romantic place on an American college campus. It is believed that a female student is not officially a Hoosier coed till she has been kissed under its dome at midnight. The Rose Well House is placed at the Old Crescent which is estimated to be the oldest part of the campus.

Hope you enjoy our list of 10 Most Romantic College Traditions.

Author: A.C. Claudia