Top 10 Most Popular Job Websites

The rate of unemployment has tremendously increased since a long. Not only the uneducated but also the educated individuals remain without jobs even after they have finished their education. This gives rise to an environment of restlessness and terrorism. The poor unemployed persons get involved in negative activities of life. They start selling drugs and get involved in various other conflictions of life. If you are searching for some suitable companies online to submit your resumes then here are the top 10 most popular job websites.

10. Dice

Most Popular Job Websites
Dice is a nice job website for the technology job seekers. You just have to insert appropriate keywords in its search box or look for the companies offering jobs in tech field to find an appropriate position. You can also upload your resume online at the site so that the potential companies can search you and call for an interview.

9. Glassdoor

Most Popular Job Websites

Glassdoor is one of the hugest career communities in the world of internet. With millions of job postings of different categories, Glassdoor offers you a chance to look for content writing, CEO, receptionist, personal assistant and plenty of other jobs. I am sure if you are competent then you will definitely make your chance to get hired via this platform.

8. US Jobs

Surprise jump in US jobs is a website of National Labor Exchange. It has plenty of jobs for the unemployed individuals. The design of is created by Direct Employers Association and the National Association of State Workforce Agencies (NASWA) in a way that the users can easily access plenty of job openings from its wide database. The best thing about is that this website offers jobs strictly in USA. It means you will have brighter chances to get hired by some reputable USA firm.

7. CareerBuilder

Most Popular Job Websites
CareerBuilder is a website with trillions of jobs. Here you can not only communicate with the employers directly but also can submit your resume. A plus point to go with CareerBuilder is that this site has partnered with various online newspapers, which means you can always stay updated with various local and international job opportunities from different government and non-government departments.

6. LinkedIn

Most Popular Job Websites

If you feel that LinkedIn is only a social media website to stay in touch with outside community, then you are absolutely wrong. It is one of the biggest platforms to meet the world’s professionals and find appropriate jobs. Become a part of different job communities and keep on viewing the openings every now and then. Once you find the right place for yourself, take no time to drop your resume and get hired.

5. SimplyHired

Most Popular Job Websites
I don’t think I need to give an introduction of this amazing job website. Simply Hired is one of the biggest and most reliable job websites in the world. It connects the job seekers with potential companies and HRs. Make sure your resume is impressive enough to catch the attention of an HR officer because at Simply Hired the competition is always very tough.

4. Indeed

Most Popular Job Websites
Indeed is proudly named to be a leading job website for you. Here millions and billions of jobs are available for the users. Indeed has divided its classifieds and job sections into different categories so that you can choose the most appropriate jobs to apply for easily. Drop your CV online or contact with the employers directly. You should be confident on your skills and education because hiring via Indeed is not a cup of tea due to extreme level of competition.

3. TweetMyJobs

Most Popular Job Websites
At TweetMyJobs you can not only view the best job matches as per your education, skill and experience but also can receive job alerts every day. This is a global job recruitment platform from where thousands of individuals have gotten their perfect job match. This is the right time for you to have an instant access to plenty of suitable positions and drop your CV to all of them via email or contact form.

2. Internships

Most Popular Job Websites
An internship has always been a dream of every college and university student. If it is of you as well, then is the perfect platform for you. This site has plenty of company listings offering summer and winter internship of three months, six months and one/two years. You will not only have higher chances to get hired but also will be compensated well for your efforts.

1. Monster

Most Popular Job Websites is truly a trustable job platform. It has wider range of job postings in its database, which are kept on updating every day. Monster is the actual platform to make your job search easier. You will get free career advice and can also read its articles to know how to prepare best resumes and how to appear confidently for an interview. Monster is an ideal platform to make your job search easier.