10 Most Expensive Medical Colleges of USA

The doctors and nurses, as a part of their job, serve the ill human beings. They cure the patients and help them get rid of health complications. To make them capable for doing so, the role of teaching hospitals and medical institutions cannot be ignored. The high quality education and training make a doctor able to perform well in the healthcare centers. Although there are countless medical colleges and universities in the world, both at government and private sector, but here are top 10 most expensive medical colleges in the United States of America, which are still chosen by the students proudly, no matter how much expensive they are.

10. Columbia University

Most Expensive Medical Colleges

The medical school of Columbia University is known to have produced numerous doctors, nurses and paramedical members. You can choose from a wide range of healthcare and biological courses and get appropriate training. Not only the degree programs but also the short courses in medicines are quite expensive, ranging from $200 to $2000 monthly fee.

9. University of Washington, School of Medicines

Most Expensive Medical Colleges

The School of Medicines at University of Washington is a high rank medical institution in United States of America. The approximate tuition fee of this school’s degree programs is $25332 per year. An increment of 110 % has been reported in its fees for a few years. The management names the costs of teaching hospital and training equipments to be the reason behind this much high fee.

8. Northwestern University, Illinois

Northwestern University, Illinois

With an approximate of $33210 annual fee, the MBBS and Doctor of Medicines programs at Northwestern University are well recognized. Regardless of the fact that the tuition fee is too high, the school is busy in producing some of the finest and talented doctors and nurses for tomorrow.

7. Oregon Health and Science University

Oregon Health and Science University

The Oregon Health and Science University receives bundles of applications from the global students. The deadline for application submission is October 20 every year. The tuition fee for a fulltime degree program is $42042. The university claims to have gifted the world some finest and highly skilled doctors. Its state-of-the-art building and purpose built campus catch the attention of medical students from all parts of the world.

6. Portland State University

Portland School of Community Health

Portland State University is working in collaboration with Oregon Health and Science University. Portland has its own 14 research centers and heart research lab. But its stroke center is joined with Oregon. Just like Oregon’s high tuition fees, Portland State University also charges a lot from the enrolled students in terms of tuition and research fees (about $54022 annually).

5. Boston University

Boston University Medical Campus

Boston University is a famous and world known private sector university. With over forty thousand faculty members, Boston University’s campuses are operating in different states of America. The medical college of Boston University receives lots of application both for short courses and degree programs. The university proudly announces in various publications that it charges not less than $52000 per year to the students for a fulltime graduation degree. The same condition of high tuition fee is applied to the students of short courses.

4. University of Pittsburgh, School of Medicines

University of Pittsburgh

The School of Medicines at University of Pittsburgh’s fulltime degree course charges about $452200. And its various part-time courses like Doctor of Medicines, Masters in Health Studies and Masters in Disabilities Medicine are also quite costly. The curriculum of the university is known to be the best in the state and this is why the students make it their first preference to submit applications.

3. Medical University of South Carolina

Medical University of South Carolina

The College of Medicine at Medical University of South Carolina receives application until October 1 every year for its degree programs. The fulltime courses charges approximately $65000 per year. But we cannot ignore the fact that the medical school has fine and highly competitive curriculum, research labs, anatomical labs, science museum and teaching hospitals to facilitate its students.

2. University of Minnesota

University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota’s medical school costs $55302 for a fulltime study program. It also offers some courses on part time basis. You can even enroll as an online student and avail the facility to learn during the summer vacations. The university emphasizes on quality education and has produced some well talented and famous doctors so far.

1. University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey

University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey

The School of Medicine at University of Virginia has the highest ever tuition fee. Its annual tuition fee for a fulltime graduation and post-graduation program is $80000 per year. This makes us believe that the school must be providing world class research and study facilities to the students. Well, that is absolutely true and this is might be the reason that many of the students don’t go for its high fees and prefer it as the institute to shape their careers.