10 Most Breathtaking Waterfalls in The World

Most Breathtaking Waterfalls: Waterfalls are seen in the courses of river or a stream, where the water falls from a vertical direction over a mountain or a glacial trough. We have had several data which gives information regarding which are the tallest waterfalls in the world, or which are the biggest waterfalls by flow rate. Whether deep in the jungle or at the state park, they never fail to amaze you with their power and size, especially when you see them up close. Here’s presenting World’s 10 Most Breathtaking Waterfalls.

Top 10 Most Breathtaking Waterfalls:

10. Pearl Shoal Waterfall

Pearl Shoal Waterfall
Most Breathtaking Waterfalls: To visit this waterfall, you have got to travel to China- To its northern province of Sichuan. In Aba-Ngawa Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, the Pearl Shoal waterfall drops on one of the tributaries of the Bailong Jiang, which is also known by the name of White Tiger River. If measured from the top, the width of the waterfall will come to be around 162.5 metres (533 feet). It has an altitude of altitude of 2,433 metres (7,982 feet). It stands at a height of 40 metres (130 feet).

9. Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls
One look into the Iguazu Falls, and you will understand as to why this is included in the “Most Breathtaking Waterfalls” list. Just the sheer width (2.7 kilometres) of the waterfall is bound to blow anybody’s mind. Its height is 82 metres (269 feet). The course of the waterfall is the Iguazu River. Its exact location is on the border of the Argentina province of Misiones and the Brazilian state of Paraná The waterfall has been prominently featured in various films like Moonraker (1979), The Mission (1986), Happy together (1997), Miami Vice (2006), etc.

8. Erawan Waterfalls

Erawan Waterfalls
The Erawan Waterfalls is located in Erawan National Park in Thailand. Although not one of the largest in the world, but it definitely evokes in itself a sense of calmness. A look into the waterfall is enough to drive away all your tiredness and lethargy. The namesake of the waterfall is after the Erawan, the three-headed white elephant of Hindu mythology. The seven-tiered falls are said to resemble the Erawan. Over the years, it has become not only one of the major attractions of Thailand, but also an all-time favourite of waterfall lovers worldwide.

7. Blue Nile Falls

Blue Nile Falls
Located on the blue Nile river in Ethiopia, the Blue Nile Falls is one the major waterfalls in Africa. Its height is around 37-45 metres (121 feet-147 feet). Due to its massive look, it is considered to be one of the voluptuous waterfalls in the world. It has been called Tis Abay in Amharic, meaning “smoking water”. The Blue Nile Falls in itself has helped Ethiopia to a great extent in getting recognised as a major tourist attraction in the world.

6. Dettifoss

Most Breathtaking Waterfalls Dettifoss
If you are in Iceland and you do not visit Dettifoss, then you might as well can consider your whole Icelandic trip to be incomplete. Located in the Vatnajökull National Park in Northeast Iceland. With a height of 45 metres (148 feet), it drops on Jökulsá á Fjöllum river. It measured width is 100 metres (330 feet). In Iceland, it also holds the record of being the largest waterfall in terms of volume discharge, having an average water flow of 193 m3/s.

5. Feather Falls

Feather Falls
Located on the Fall River, a tributary of the Middle Fork Feather River, within the Plumas National Forest in the Sierra Nevada mountain range in Butte County, eastern California, United Stes of America, the Feather Falls is one of many nature’s gift. With a height of 210 metres (400 feet). It is a plunge type of waterfall. What makes it more interesting is the fact that the waterfall is a famous stopping point for migrating ladybugs.

4. Sutherland Falls

Sutherland Falls
With a total height of 581 metres (1906 feet), the Sutherland Falls consists of three falls. It is located in New Zealand’s South Islands. This is one New Zealand’s most sought after tourist spots and most breathtaking waterfalls. The sheer incredible height of the fall is what distinguishes it from other great falls of the world.

3. Cuquenan Falls

Cuquenan Falls
The eleventh highest waterfall in the world, the Cuquenan Fall is located in ear Mount Roraima, which serves as the geographical marker of the border between Brazil, Venezuela, and Guyana. It is famous for being looking like a tap water coming out of a mountain. Its height is 674 metres (2211 feet).

2. Baatara Gorge Waterfalls

Baatara Gorge Waterfall, Lebanon
The list “Most Breathtaking Waterfalls” would be incomplete if there is not a cave waterfall. And which else is better than the Baatara gorge waterfalls. Located in Tannourine, Lebanon, this plunge waterfall drops from a height of 255 metres (837 feet). It is a treat for all nature lovers, a place where cave and waterfall meet at their best.

1. Havasu Canyon Falls

Havasu Canyon Falls
Falling from a height of 90-100 metres (27-30 metres) to clear blue waters, the Havasu Canyon Falls is located in Grand Canyon, Arizona, United States of America. The most intriguing feature of the Havasu Canyon Falls or the Havasu Falls is that it is ever-changing and sometimes it even breaks into two separate chutes of water. One of the Most Breathtaking Waterfalls has no alternate.