10 Little Known Facts About Suicide

People have been taking their lives through various means. Some have done it easy by swallowing poison or going to sleep with a heavy dose of sleeping pills while there are others who have known to have adopted disgusting methods like swallowing poisonous spiders or injecting peanut butter into their veins. There are some interesting (unfortunately) facts about suicide.

Facts About Suicide

10 Little Known Facts About Suicide

10. In China, every two minutes someone commits suicide. The number of deaths as a result of suicide are around 300,000 per annum. On the contrary, in the USA, every minute one person attempts suicide and every 17th minute someone succeeds in the attempt. The 8th leading cause of death in USA is suicide. This rate is even higher in Canada where 3500 people die of suicide every year.

9. Suicide is a seasonal trend! That is surprising but stats have shown that the tendency to commit suicide increases during the Spring and Summer season. During Christmas, it drops considerably.

8. Some medicines are known to tempt a person to commit suicide. For example the acne medicine isotretinoin is linked to depression that can encourage a person to attempt and commit suicide. Such encouragement!!!

7. A college student once took a drug overdose in front of a live Web Cam and committed suicide. To my horror, people actually egged him on. There are some websites that actually guide people on effective ways to commit suicide.

6. It is a common misconception that suicide is prevalent among the young, however, the results are contrary to this perception. Surprisingly, according to some studies, suicide is linked to the performance of sports teams and their fans.

5. People who study suicide are called suicidologists and they have confirmed that children as young as 2 years old are also attempting suicide in today’s world. In 2002, 5-14 year olds died as suicide became the 6th leading cause of their death.

4. 5-10% of suicides in the world happen in mental hospitals.

3. All previous records of suicide in the military were broken by American soldiers in 2008. It increased further in 2009 and some scholars claimed that there was a suicide epidemic in the military.

2. Some people preferred dying than being taken as slaves in ancient times. For example when Romans conquered Jews in 473 AD, 960 Jews apparently died of suicide. Only two women and five children survived this death that took place on top of Masada.

1. Women attempt suicide three times more than men but fail at the attempt. Contrary to this, men “complete” their suicide attempt at a rate that is three times greater.