10 Kinds of Teachers You Definitely Have Encountered in Your School

No matter what school you went to, you definitely have encountered these following types.

10 Kinds of Teachers

You’ve Definitely Met these 10 Kinds of Teachers in Your Life:

1. The Vesuvius:

Yes, it is hard to forget this breed, right? Especially if you have been in the line of fire from this teacher. One look from this teacher and your inside turns cold like a dementor from a Harry Potter movie has sucked out all happiness from you. You start wondering whether you look innocent enough to be spared the wrath of this mighty one. You suddenly become conscious of your movements, your clothes, your hair, your desk and the classmates around you. In his class, there is a race for the back bench among the students!

2. The Taunt Master:

This teacher has a taunt for everyone, and boy, do those taunts sting! The worst part is that everyone except the poor fellow to whom the taunt is directed finds it extremely funny and you do not see a lot of sympathetic faces around you. But it is a total joy when it happens to others!

3. The One That Thinks Everyone in the Class Is an Idiot:

This teacher does not hesitate to remind the class of their poor intellectual abilities, lest these chattering unmindful idiots in the class forget it. This is the lesson that this teacher is the most passionate about, and you can almost see his eyes gleam when he says it.

4. The One That Shamelessly Plays Favourite:

There is always a teacher that has a favourite student, and this student usually turns sycophancy into an art. With this teacher, this favourite student gets off the hook easily for being late and heckling other students. This pet is usually the topper of the class, and the teacher is thrilled that this student has the answer to a lot of the questions he asks in the class. This teacher often unhesitatingly compares his pet to the other students of the class. While other students fume at this, the teacher and his pet do not seem to mind at all.

5. The One That Does Not Give a Damn Whether Students Are Listening:

This teacher does not bother himself with trivialities like whether the students can actually understand what he is saying. He walks in, grabs a chalk or a marker, chants away what he is supposed to tell his students and walks out. The backbenchers look forward to his classes and they make the best use of the teacher’s indifference. The games class begins!

6. The One That Makes You Sleepier Than Ever:

You become amazed at your ability to feel sleepy, because you know you struggle to fall asleep every night. You start wishing he would stand by your bed at night and teach you to slumberland. You start thinking of how you will pull the bag under your head and sleep after the class is over. But as soon as the class is over, your sleepiness vanishes in an instant. And you get angry at the teacher for it all.

7. The One That Speaks in a Low, Low Voice:

And it is just not possible to hear him. You strain your ears, you strain your neck, you try to read his lips, but most of the lessons remain out of your reach. And after trying for a while, you give up. Things get difficult when this teacher asks you whether you have been listening at all!

8. The One That Looks Absolutely Stunning:

Yes, admit it, you love his class because he looks so good. You would not miss his class because you must see him. Or her. And you go back home and fantasize about this teacher. It makes your day when this teacher asks you to do him a favour, and it is absolutely mortifying when you are not able to perform well in front of him and he rebukes you. Your friends love him too, and there is a competition among you and your friends for his attention. Or her attention.

9. The One That Falls Asleep in the Class:

And when he wakes up, he picks students randomly and accuses them of mischief in the class. Quite often the wrong guy gets picked, so everyone is cautious not to look mischievous when he wakes up. You can see expressions on your classmates’ faces that can beat a little white lamb in innocence. Under the desk, of course, there are cell phone games, texting and facebooking going on. Sometimes some daredevil takes a picture of this teacher and then uploads it on twitter and everybody finds it incredibly amusing. When he leaves, his snoring is imitated amidst great cheer from everyone.

10. The One That Actually Is a Good Teacher:

Yes, it would have really sucked if we did not have one like this in the school, wouldn’t it? This teacher explains incredibly well and if you ask him questions when you do not understand something, he does not get impatient and tries to explain it to you in a way you understand. It is teachers like this that make school worthwhile.

Written By: Kisholoy Mukherjee