10 Hottest Makeup Trends For Summer

Summers have officially set in now and just like, your skin care, clothing and even dietary habits, your makeup choices should change too with the colours being more vibrant and fresh. Also, you would like to choose stuff that is non greasy, light weight and probably offers some degree of UV protection. The summer 2016 has got to offer a lot from subtle makeup looks to some eccentric makeup trends for those who love to experiment with their looks. Read on below to know more about the hottest makeup trends..

#1. Nude Makeup Look

Nude Makeup Look
Less is more when it comes to layering up your skin with base makeup products this summer. Unless you have a family function or social gathering to attend, avoid using loads of base makeup. Wear a light foundation that has air whipped consistency or a mousse or even a souffle that feels light on skin and makes your complexion appear matte. If you can lay your hands upon a foundation that provides some UV benefit to protect your skin from the harsh rays of sun, grab it without any second thoughts. On regular days, give the primer and concealer a ditch. You can always set your foundation that has some SPF to set your foundation or BB cream and also gives additional sun protection. Nothing beats a natural looking even skin tone. Dab a little Peach on your cheeks for a sun kissed look along with a natural shade of lip gloss and you are good to go!

#2. Groom those eyebrows

Groom those eyebrows
Shapely, well tamed eyebrows are a must as they give a well maintained appearance. Bushy eyebrows make you appear shabby. If you have eyebrows that are not too dense, go for shades of Brown to fill in the gaps and give some volume to your brows. Use two tones of Brown, the lighter one on the outer corner and the richer one to fill in the inner part of your brows. Eyebrow piercings, eccentrically coloured brows and Faux brows are also a hot trend this summer.

#3. Blue eyes Hypnotize

Blue eyes Hypnotize
No no.. I know you cannot wear contacts all the time. However, you can use eye makeup products such as liners, eye shadow etc in cool hues of Blue. Play with Blues to add an edge to your look.Blue on eyes can add a lot of spunk to your appearance. Depending upon your personal preference and complexion, you can take your pick from Aqua Blue to Sapphire Blue.

#4. Cat eyes

Accentuated winged eyeliner gives you the Cat eye appearance. Experiment with Bold Backs, Blues, Teals and even metallic shades. Edgy, angular cat eyes look fabulous and catchy.

#5. Strobing

After contouring, the Hottest Makeup Trends of accentuating your facial features is stroBING which includes highlighting the areas of your face which reflect light such as your cheekbone, centre of forehead, tip of nose, centre of Cupid’s bow, prominence of chin to create an illusion of a very radiant complexion. Products that are a little lighter than their skin tone and have a hint of pearly shine in them are best for this technique.

#6. Smokey Eyes

Smokey Eyes
This sultry eye makeup trend does not seem to be going out of vogue anytime soon. It is bold, dramatic and transforms the way you look. Choose out of Black, Blue, Rich Browns, Metallic shades, Teal or a combination of these to create your favorite look. It does take some time to master but it definitely suits every lady out there.

#7. Red Lips

Red Lips
You can choose from Blood Red to Orange- Reds to Reds with Blue undertones as per your complexion and attire. A bold mouth makes a statement, for sure. To balance out the look, keep your eye makeup subtle and the blush very natural. Pick any hairstyle ladies, Red lips go well with everything, really! Matte or Gloss is upto you. Though, thicker lips look better in matte finish.

#8. Wine stained lips

Wine stained lips
Instead of using the lipstick proper, using lip stains is another among the Hottest Makeup Trends, this time around. Lip stains are not very deeply pigmented and are often applied without liners. Berry shaded lip stains look good on a broad category of skin tones. Try it out.

#9. Summery shades for lips

Summery shades for lips
If bold lips are not your style, go for summerish shades like Corals, Natural Pinks and Pink pastels with a coat of clear gloss. Play with fun shades of eye makeup and a light base to go with these. Soft shades look excellent with floral dresses.

#10. Clear Mascara

Hottest Makeup Trends
Sweating in summers often causes your mascara to smudge. Go for gel based clear mascaras during day time to give your lashes a lengthier and curled up appearance without looking too dramatic.

So ladies, these are plenty of ideas for you to experiment with your personal style this summer. We say, do not be afraid to experiment nd try out makeup looks you have not tried earlier. Who knows something might just click!

10 Hottest Makeup Trends For Summer

  1. Nude Makeup Look
  2. Groom those eyebrows
  3. Blue eyes Hypnotize
  4. Cat eyes
  5. Strobing
  6. Smokey Eyes
  7. Red Lips
  8. Wine stained lips
  9. Summery shades for lips
  10. Clear mascara