10 Home Businesses You Can Start With Small Machines but BIG Profits

It’s to nobody’s surprise that starting a business is going to be the next best thing you can ultimately do for you and your family, no matter how wealthy an inheritance your forefathers have left you. Eventually that wealth of inheritance goes down the trash after reckless spending of unwise investments if you haven’t saved a lump sum for a rainy day. Sure, you may go the ordinary mediocre mindset way like every other random person who just settles for anything and likes to be somebodies punching bag, then a ‘JOB’ would be suitable for you. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being a ‘hard worker’ and getting a job, working 40 years of your uncertain life and then retiring with funds you may never have the chance to enjoy. If this is the life you would settle for then by my guest and go ahead. When you start a business however, you’re making your own dreams come true instead of being under a ‘boss’ making their dreams come true, but have you ever considered where that leaves you in the end? After he makes his billions from your skills, he closes the company and snap! Everybody’s fired, retrenched, out of jobs, in the rat race. Starting a business doesn’t always mean millionaire overnight, so here are 10 simple and small machines that can help you generate big profits by working ‘SMART’ for a change. Let your mind make you and your family and endless supply of income the 21rst century way! Get out of that old traditional common norms way of thinking.

10. Engraving Machine

Home Businesses Engraving Machine
Home Businesses you can start with small machines but BIG profits.

People, having an engraving machine may not be something you already have unless you’re a wooding working enthusiast however it is relatively the cheapest set of tools you can buy and doesn’t require much production costs other than replacing a few attachments now and then and the only thing you really pay for is electricity if for an example you purchase a full Dremel set.
The beautiful thing is that you can always buy the attachments because it’s the amount of a dollar or you can make your own if you wish. You may also make a rotary tool yourself using a broken toy car motor and a 9V flat battery, flat as in the shape and not a non-power-able one. The point is, you can start an engraving business from home with your tool, where you charge people per letter or the extent of the design,time,and what materials they want to be engraved on and you can start by building up a dedicated customer base online at which you can promote your wood carving and wood engraving services. As time goes, you can invest in a CNC machine altogether and make more intricate, precise and larger engravings and on different materials other than wood, at which you can charge a more higher price for special clients, more profits at the end of the day.

9. Digital Photo Printer

Digital Photo Printer
Home Businesses you can start with small machines but BIG profits.

Everybody who has a home, probably has a computer in this 21rst century I would like to hope? If you’re here reading this article then you probably have access to internet too which is a huge possibility that you most probably have an old printer lying around collecting dust and if it still works, trade it in, spend the difference and invest in a brand new one if you can. You can pick up cheap second hand printers everywhere online or from just about any second hand store regardless of where you live. Now let’s get down to business of how this small machine can make you big profits from home or where ever you are. All it takes is for a high quality working printer with a few dollars more for high quality ink. If you make use of Adobe Photoshop Which is something you’re probably already doing, you may space out an A4 page with gridlines and copy and paste one simple image of your choice. You can fit about 10 images of whatever it is you want on one page x 1000 pages per month maybe sold at a few cents per cut image will equal to a large amount at the end. Now alternatively if you have a business already or something else you wish to promote then you can use the printer to print business cards instead, which gets you more exposure to your product. Business cards can be left at ATM points, on almost every sale counter in shops, its bound that somebody would pick it up, throw some on the floor if you have to, give out those cards yourself on the street with a free sweet, this is hardcore marketing, but marketing is ultimately the key to any successful business anyway. With a printer you may also print and sell images to freelancers who buy stock images and there’s tonnes of them out there. You do this for a few months and it would be enough to help put a little extra on the table. You may utilize this business by printing for other people as well at a cost of course. You may use this printer to promote all 10 businesses altogether to maximize profits in Tens of thousands. The beauty about digital products is that it can be sold infinitely without running out of stock.

8. Hair cutting machine

Hair cutting machine
Home Businesses you can start with small machines but BIG profits.

For as long as people that you know and that is close to, have hair on their heads and trust you enough to trim,chop,wipe or shape it, you’re in business! Most people are lazy to go to the barbers to save petrol or money, so they eventually buy themselves a genuine set of hair clippers and accessories. This is a most case scenario, people who are renting or house owners with a small patio section or alternatively a small empty room or shed which can be built and kept in the back yard of your home can be used as a Salon place. This is where you conduct the actual business. A hair cutting machine and grooming kit for men and women is easily available in shops and is absolutely cheap for a once off purchase and usually lasts long. Now I’ve ranked Hair cutting machine as 8th place in the 10 Home Businesses you can start with small machines due to how easily available it is and price wise to fit the average person’s budget as well. You needn’t have to even have the skill of being able to be a hair cutter as here’s how it works : You only need a small space at which you can conduct your business which doesn’t conflict with neighbors or anybody else, your own premises would be ideal and your main machine which is the hair cutting grooming kit and other extra stuff which you probably already own and you can outsource the actual styling of the hair to an experienced hair stylist to work for you while you bring in business where ever you are. The stylist needn’t has to pay for rent as you can establish an agreement with him/her at the least you can do. A sign board can be placed outside your home to direct people to your home and it can be done. Every week, if you can do a 100 people at a cheap charge depending on what services you offer, you will eventually sit pretty with cash at the end of a 4 week month. You may also move your business to a busy location such as a shopping mall later on as you build and hire more hair stylists to attract more customers, the possibility are endless.

7. Sewing Machine

Home Businesses you can start with small machines but BIG profits
Home Businesses you can start with small machines but BIG profits.

Yes! The clothes you wear, represents that the textile industry has been one of the biggest businesses ever since the revolution of the modern world. The average American home probably has one lying around yet its advised that you spend a little and get a more upgraded automatic accelerator driven type ,that can sew various different patterns at the press of a tap switch ,your foot does all the job In co-ordination with your hand maneuvering the material to shape. The key here to making business as with anything is Batch sales, wholesale is what I mean. If you have skills to tailor make a garment or any simple stuff then do so or get somebody to do the skilled sewing for you and pay them a portion of the sales you generate per garment sold. As you make a substantial amount of profits from one batch of garments, invest in more machines while covering the costs of your production (needles,cotton,material) and other things and then employ more people, start with a few in your garage or some space in your home if you can then grow from there. Remember the more people and machines you have doing the work, the more production will be achieved, more production means more profits. Before you know it, if you’re smart enough you may open up a factory, rent the factory until you have enough to buy it off! Now others will work for you, you handle the scenes after that or get somebody who can manage it and you relax. Take a look at the fashion industry, its booming by the minute, what happens if your clothing brand reaches Milan’s catwalks on some of the most exotic models, that makes you a billionaire in the long run. Eventually you can open up your very own exclusive factory outlet with your very own retail prices while still banking from batch wholesale also. Once again, we started off with ONE sewing machine. The only downside is that to reach that level of success one would be a long shot, but then again if success was attainable overnight, everybody would be successful by now.

6. Grass cutting machine

Home Businesses you can start with small machines but BIG profits
Home Businesses you can start with small machines but BIG profits.

As the grass grows, so will your business and money grow too in this regard? This is the beauty of starting a business from home using small machines, but generating huge profits from it too. Here you may need a lawnmower that’s in good working condition or a weed eater, it’s all about what you have and what you can afford. If by any chance you have a vehicle, this would be to your utmost advantage. American homes especially are close knit if you get what I’m saying. Some of the homes are close by each other and so it may save you the fuel where you can do business from walking distance. Imagine if you approach rich people in your neighborhood who can afford to pay to have their lawn mower, now I’m speaking about their ‘grass lawn’ to be mowed ,you would be coining more in a week than some would earn in a month. Not everybody likes to get dirty or cut their own grass, which is where you would fall into category and to jump in to offer your services. This can be done for every two weeks, once you establish your clients in your neighborhood, you will always have jobs available. As you get bigger, you may deploy others with more vehicles and more machines all shared profits, wider spread and reach of clients and areas can be covered and here you got thousands of hard earned and legitimate money a week. How cool is that, to have your money ‘grow’ while cutting down grass.

5. Digital Camera

Home Businesses you can start with small machines but BIG profits
Home Businesses you can start with small machines but BIG profits.

A digital camera is absolutely essential to the eyes of anybody who sees a ‘picture’ that others don’t. Photography is life, life is everlasting if it’s preserved just as art is. Being a Photographer allows an amount of scope that’s almost never ending and here it can span into a world of wonders opening up paths of success immeasurable altogether. Being a Freelance photographer is key over here and you can lend your skills as well as to develop a portfolio and send it to large world renowned magazine firms world-wide who will jump to the opportunity and would probably pay a really large sum if for an example you approach them with a picture of The Pope who is engaging in drug practices etc. You’re instantly rich if they want to publish it. You can use a simple thing like your mobile phone with an average megapixel camera and edit it, but what really matters is the capture of the picture, you’ve got to have an eye for photography, it’s not uncommon for people to use their phones or tablets every 6 seconds in the bathroom to take selfies, so why not add a little bit of skill to it and take some real pictures that are of magazine or printable standards. You may also want to invest in a High Definition Camera as you grow your business to increase the quality of your snaps which will eventually sell for more. Now my point here is that Photography can be sold over and over again with absolutely no end to it, one picture can be sold 10 000 times to 10 000 people, imagine if you have taken 1000 pictures and each is sold 10 000 times? Do the math…Everything in this world can be captured on camera, even ghosts nowadays it seems with the amount of high tech equipment available.

4. Blow Torch

Blow Torch
Home Businesses you can start with small machines but BIG profits.

“Fire forges steel, and pressure forms diamonds in the end” this is certainly true. In this home business and small machine sense, it happens literally. Forged steel or metals in this case would be the nature of the business and the diamonds would come in the form of hard profits in the end. Whether you have a simple gas blow torch at home or a heavy duty one, it’s all up to you, one can be purchased for a fairly cheap price for about ±$20 though, if for an example you don’t have. Hear this though! Let’s say you make a purchase for $20 to buy a blowtorch, which is the same amount some can afford to spend on a drink which serves no purpose in the long run, now for the business part of using this small machine, let’s say you have a secure area and a field of expertise in metal precious metals into pouring it into a mold. Obviously this is only for experienced users who practice safety as a main priority, you may melt metal in the form of any mold of your choice. Here this out though, the scope for this is something that is in the form of a mold, can be made into thousands of things, times a thousand molds ,do you see the broader picture here of multiplication which can sell cheap to make quick sales, but the name of the game would be to have more in production. I am not however liable for any injuries as you have to use safety equipment when working with gas at home, but if you can pull it off, you really can make more than you think in stone cold profits! What happens if you can counterpart something that everybody wants and if its legal, to provide it to them at an exclusively high cost, which is where even a few customers paying a huge price is equivalent to a lot of customers paying for a small price. Does this make business sense?

3. Regular Power Tools

If you’re a “do it yourself” enthusiast, the core things that you’d need for your hobby passion would be power tools and other things to aid in assistance of whatever it is that you do. Without this, you may have to use traditional ancient tools that people used some 100 years ago such as: a manual drill or two way saw etc. Get with the times! If this is you as you probably have everything ready in your garage somewhere, now let’s show you how you can put each one to use and make a stone cold income from it. First of all it doesn’t take rocket science to know how to use power tools and really all it takes is a sturdy hand to do so. Safety once again as with operating any tools is essential. Let’s start with all those scrap wood that you have lying around and a drill with drill press, angle grinder, jigsaw or circular saw,recoprocating planer and the rest of the manual tools you’ve got would be perfect! If you measure with basic Math’s skills on a piece of board a small piece of square the size of a small pedestal table and a 4 legs and cut each out, you have a blueprint which will allow you to use that the next time to cut and build it yourself. If you make hundreds of tables in a month and to be sold for more than $40 (Estimated) each person, you will see the lights of flashing income every month, as you grow from home, and you can rent out a large work area and employ workers where you can establish a furniture factory. You supply the wholesale to retail stores and from there you’ve got yourself a lifetime income. A wholesale furniture factory, depending how big you grow and what quality of furniture you make will determine maximized profits to reach the large scale.

2. Welding Machine

Home Businesses you can start with small machines but BIG profits
Home Businesses you can start with small machines but BIG profits.

While not many would have the skill to mend two metal pieces together, there are some sharp ‘sparks’ who know the ins and outs of welding and making metal structures from the ground up. If you’re one of them, and have an arc welding machine or a spot welder that you feel is worthy enough to be used on an industrial level then this one’s for you peeps! Now once again, sparks can be dangerous to the eyes and body parts, so I needn’t have to enforce the safety concerns. I am focusing on the money side and how to turn a hobby or skill from home using small machines into a big business one day. There are several things that you can mend together firstly from home that are metallic in material and that are probably broken. Take the structure of a braai grid or burglar guards for windows, vehicle parts, etc. etc. Find which one you are knowledgeable enough to make in your own way and sell it for big bucks. The key to growing here is to start a steel refinery when you’ve gained enough for the startup cost. Everybody needs steel structures every now and then for various different equipment’s, home use etc. This is where your business needs to “glaze” literally and figuratively as well as financially in the long run.

1. Pressure Cleaning Machine

This amongst all small machines that can generate big profits for you ranks number one for many strategic and clever reasons if you utilize it to your competitive advantage. Watch this. I am to explain this in thee simplest form every other small machine you can turn into a business from home. I’ve ranked this particular machine number one on the list because it only really requires electricity and the actual pressure cleaning machine itself. This is a huge advantage as aren’t like a grass cutting machine you may need gas to run it off or have to constantly replace parts etc. Not that you don’t with a Pressure cleaning machine but it’s absolutely low maintenance and you only really need ONE machine to start of successfully. So you have one pressure cleaning machine and probably a vehicle as well as somebody who can assist you in the actual hard labor part. See here yet again, you’re a boss of your own. Here’s precisely how this is going to work out for the business point of view. So partner up with a driver who preferably has his own vehicle and is prepared to sweat a little hard labor for a day for some extra cash. The trick here is to gain and establish a customer base in your area and neighboring areas. Once you’ve built up a customer base, you can contact each one or they will contact you in assistance of your pressure cleaning services at which you will deploy a driver to go and conduct the cleaning services by call. This is a shuffle and pass business. Let’s say you charge a person (preferably a rich person) $200 per roof or $70 for their yard, note that some may require both which is where you would double your profits, you can pay your driver a small portion agreed by both from each job. As you grow, you can employ more drivers and laborers and buy more pressure cleaning machines. The cleverness here is that you would be using everybody else’s electricity points without them realizing it. The only costs you really have would be to pay your employees their cuts for labor and driving and you bank the rest. Watch this! For an example you have the entire neighborhood as clients over time at a flat rate of a price over a $100, you can multiply that by as many people who live in your neighborhood which will amount to the potential profits you can make. This business is ranked number one because as long as people in your country or state have roofs over their heads, you get to keep yours over your head too. Marketing this business needs to go viral however. Facebook groups or pages, posters, word of mouth, surveys, phone call, newspapers and the works will eventually get you there.

Good luck starting your successful business from home and note this is purely for educational purposes, results may vary.