The 12 Greatest Photographs Ever by GQ Magazine

Here you have it: The 12 greatest photographs ever. The best in international photographic art, and the very best from GQ Magazine.

12. Anne Hathaway by Mark Seliger

Anne Hathaway by Mark Seliger

Los Angeles, 2009

“I’ve never been at a photographic shoot where I didn’t act for a single minute. That would be boring. I’d much rather imagine that I’m a girl on Coney Island in the Twenties. I gave up my struggle with perfection a long time ago. That is a concept I don’t find very interesting any more. Everyone just wants to look good in the photographs. I think that is where some of the pressure comes from. Be happy. Be yourself. The day is about a lot more.” Anne Hathaway

11. The White Stripes by Søren Solkær

White Stripes by Søren Solkær

Nashville, 2007

“The first location we suggested turned out to be the same Nashville soda shop in which Jack White had recently had his wallet pinched. The second was the 5 & Diner in nearby Franklin. It was a pretty authentic Fifties diner. Søren organised Jack and Meg’s multiple character shots masterfully – the concept chimed with White’s minimalist colour scheme and intense love of repetition.” Andy Morris, Editor

10. Kristen Stewart by Norman Jean Roy

Kristen Stewart exposing

Los Angeles, 2011

“I’m a 21-year-old woman having a beer with GQ. I’ve arrived.” Kristen Stewart

9. Megan Fox by Simon Emmett

Sexy Pose Megan Fox

Los Angeles, 2009

“I’d rather have a wild and promiscuous image than go out of my way to be proper all the time. My only job is to get up, take a shower, do my hair and look attractive.” Megan Fox

8. Keira Knightley by Norman Jean Roy

Keira Knightley sexy legs

London, 2011

“Keira is so beautiful, she doesn’t really need to try – the work is already done for her with those cheekbones alone – but at the shoot she was always striving for more, not just seeing it as setups, but a role for which she went all out. We shot Keira in a studio in Stoke Newington, northeast London, but, complete with Norman’s elaborate setups, she was every inch the golden-age Hollywood pin-up.” Stuart McGurk, GQ Senior Commissioning Editor

7. Lana Del Rey by Mariano Vivanco

Lana Del Rey by Mariano Vivanco

Monaco, 2012

“I really am thankful to everyone at GQ, because you’ve been supporting me for a while. We had a beautiful shoot in Monaco and I was reminded of why I wanted to sing. Paul, the Creative Director, was very hands-on on the shoot. I could not have done it without him.” Lana Del Rey

6. Rio Ferdinand by Nick Wilson

Greatest Photographs Ever

Manchester, 2010

“In the penthouse on the 47th floor of the Beetham Tower, Rio Ferdinand looks out over the city of Manchester dressed in a Burberry cape that he says makes him feel like Batman. Ironically it is also something of a role reversal for a player who for years has more often than not been seen as a joker.” Paul Henderson, GQ Health & Sports Editor
“The cape and the added wind gave it a real superhero feel. The shoot was done as part of the build-up to the 2010 World Cup. Unfortunately, Rio suffered a knee injury beforehand and could not play, putting a small dent in his superhero status.” Nick Wilson

5. Penélope Cruz by Mario Sorrenti

Greatest Photographs Ever

Los Angeles, 2011

“I didn’t think about fame when I was younger. It’s a very modern concept; it matters to teenagers now, but it was something completely different for me when I was growing up. There was no internet; just two, three TV channels. I’m not on Twitter. Or Facebook. I miss the time when people wrote letters to each other. It’s very sad. I belong to another age – the Forties, or the Fifties.” Penélope Cruz

4. Beyoncé Knowles by Simon Emmett

Greatest Photographs Ever

London, 2006

“I feel like everybody is always expecting me to perform… I need success, because I feel like I was born for it. I love sharing what makes me happy. Especially through photography.”Beyoncé Knowles

3. James Corden by Søren Solkær

Greatest Photographs Ever

London, 2010

“The shoot was set in London Zoo. The reference shots were all from Berthold Lubetkin’s old modernist-masterpiece penguin pool. It turned out we were going to shoot in the newer pool, which didn’t offer quite the same striking architectural features. The penguins saved me. James started to act like a penguin and, before we knew it, the birds lined up to play with their new friend. A rather bizarre and hilarious scene.” Søren Solkær

2. Idris Elba by Anthony Mandler

Greatest Photographs Ever

Los Angeles, 2012

“This was my first time working with Idris and he has that real Hollywood star quality. He’s like a mountain; he is so tall and has such charisma that he not only lights up the room, he fills the room, both physically and with his very strong presence. He was a dream to work with. He allowed me to go to his house for his fitting the day before. That’s a wonderful thing; not only does it allow him to get to know me, I get to know him and he gets to feel comfortable with the clothes. I think having that time with the clothes meant he knew what to do the next day, and he felt great in the suit and hat. It was all about taking great pictures, and that shows here – it was effortless.” Jo Levin, GQ Creative Fashion Director

1. Cameron Diaz by Simon Emmett

Greatest Photographs Ever

Los Angeles, 2008

“I’m a lot of woman. In a lot of ways. A while ago I put some weight on my ass. Looked mighty fine, I can tell you.” Cameron Diaz to GQ on her photoshoot

“Cameron was simply brilliant to work with. She got the idea, understood the references and trusted the team I had picked. She took the entire shoot to another level. Quite simply, she made it the shot it became. I always wanted to make sure I came back with a pool shot where she was submerged wearing the dress, but never expected it to be as iconic as it turned out. ” Paul Solomons, GQ Creative Director