10 Exciting Kids Games That Need No Tech Device

Technology has done a lot for our civilization’s progress. The possibilities created are simply boundless. Nevertheless, the convenient day-to-day gadgets that have become a “cannot-do-without” part of our lives are afflicting people at progressively younger ages. The biggest concern for parents these days is the way kids have started spending most of their waking hours with their gadgets. The lengthened screen time can have negative impact on children’s cognitive development, verbal skills, and self-esteem.

This is a sad consequence, given that every health organization, from the American Heart Association to the American Academy of Pediatrics, advices parents to send their kids outdoors to play, and to play freely, without adult-imposed structure.

Here we list for you ten super fun, gadget-free kids games to keep your little ones happily occupied.

1) Match leaf to the tree

This one is quite simple but an interesting one. Pick a few leaves from different trees without letting the kids know. Once you have collected enough leaves to start the game, handover the leaves to the kids and ask them to find out which tree they came from. This may also build up your kids’ interest in learning about the trees in their neighborhood.

2) Campfire in the backyard

If you have a suitable area, you may let grown up kids build a campfire in the backyard. You can define the safety rules, and then let children have fun time with friends. For your assurance, you can check through the window once in a while or wander out to ask if they need more snacks.

3) All time favorite card games

The best part about card games is that they appeal to all ages. They are a great way to shoo away boredom and do not take much time to get started with.

10 Exciting Kids Games

4) Build a fort

Kids simply love the idea of building their own forts! It is also a great choice when kids cannot go outside to play, maybe due to a bad weather. All you need is a bit of space, blankets, pillows and chairs/ couches for support.

5) Nature Scavenger Hunt

Plan challenges for kids to do outside, something on the lines of “Survivor” television show. This is a great way to get them in the nature and enjoy it. You may even keep rewards to raise their excitement level.

6) Fun in the fall

In the fall, leave the fallen leaves around your garden or patio. Kids would simply love to run around and shuffle through them. You can also build a big pile out of fallen leaves and let children demolish it. They can then rebuild it if they want.

7) Create a kid zone

Let your kids have their own space to play and display things they collect from their surroundings, their natural treasures. It can be a child-friendly backyard, or a place on the porch, a corner in the hallway or area under the stairs.

8) Wall Ball

A cool, timeless playground game, wall ball can be even more fun when kids make their own rules on how to play. No matter how many players or what rules you set, it is quite easy to have fun!

9) Water Balloon Dodgeball

A great activity for hot summer days, it is just like regular Dodge Ball. But be careful the balloons do not break on the ground before starting. Keep it nice and fun – no hitting in the face or at any sensitive body part!

10 Exciting Kids Games

10) Board Games

They are simply fun and a hit with all age groups. ‘Hungry Hungry Hippos’ and ‘Sorry!’ are a great choice for younger kids, while grown up children can enjoy ‘Scatergories’, ‘Scrabble’, and ‘Monopoly’.