10 Dreams that will Surely Bring Smile to You

Dreaming is something that comes naturally to us. However, we often feel very disturbed after watching certain dreams. It is also not very comfortable to speak of such dreams. It is a much better idea to talk instead about the kinds of dreams that make us happy. We are at ease when we recollect what we saw last night. Here is a list of ten such pleasant dreams that will surely bring smile to you.

dreams that will surely bring smile to you

Dreams that will Surely Bring Smile to You

1. You are young once again

Unless you are little, you will probably be dreaming of becoming young all over again. This is common to all of us and we have to get used to the idea of being adults. But we all dream of doing the crazy stuffs that we used to do when we were children. We used to be treated with much greater tolerance even if we used to create a mess. This was because we were young and considered immature. Oh, the advantages of being a child!

2. Dating your favorite film star

Admit it, you must have a crush on one or more of celebrities. You probably want to spend some quality time and perhaps even make love to that favorite star of yours! Let this dream be your own private arena. It is best not to talk about it in public!

3. Spending time with favorite books on a lonely island

Say you have a bunch of favorite books. Perhaps the choicest mystery and crime stories or romantic sagas. It would be a brilliant idea to dream about the wonderful trees and cute animals all around you while you are taking sip of coconut water. Just imagine the level of tranquil that you can enjoy as the cool breeze soothes you and there is no one to disturb you all day and night.

4. You are punishing your school teacher

Each one of us had that teacher who used to scold us and punish us mercilessly. All of us want to get back at that teacher in the worst possible way. Perhaps, the best we can think of is to reverse the hierarchy. You get to don the teacher’s shoes while the latter has to listen to your commands. You can then punish the teacher to your heart’s content and take vengeance for all the humiliation that you faced in your childhood in front of your classmates.

5. There are no more exams!

If you are student, you will love to see this in your dream. The day when all exams are removed and there is no syllabus to mandatorily study within a stipulated time will be the happiest day of your life for sure. You and your friends can spend time playing games and eating lots of chocolate instead of cramming for exams!

6. It is raining Cola

Consider this. It is a very hot day. You are walking on the streets and suddenly you find a drop of a liquid that smells funny on your shoulder. You look up and another drop falls on your face. Soon you realize it is rain but it is not ordinary rain as instead of water, you can now get drenched in Cola! That would be a fantastic moment that you will relish and hope it happened in reality.

7. You just slapped your boss

If you work for a corporate company, there is every chance you are reprimanded for the smallest of mistakes. This will naturally have a toll on you and you will begin to think really negatively about yourself. Under such circumstances, how can one not have a dream about slapping the boss really hard? Of course, a note of warning: don’t try this in real life, as we cannot be held responsible for the consequences of this action.

8. Your parents do not ever scold you

You may be one of the thousands who wake up every morning hearing the screams of your mother who has made morning tea for you. Of course she works very hard just for you but she will also scold you for not getting up early. Also, your father will be getting on your nerves with his iron steel and cold attitude. Just think how wonderful it would be to see them just playing along like happy parents, encouraging you to sleep those extra five minutes or your father asking you to take your girlfriend out for dinner in his car, that too with a big smile!

9. You have gone abroad to study or work

Whether you are a student or an employee in a company, you must have a dream of visiting that exotic place where you can really enjoy yourself fully in a quiet atmosphere conducive to learning? Let’s hope this dream comes true.

10. You have the latest gadget that you want so badly

You might be a smartphone freak or even a play station addict. Either way, you would want a gadget that you have wanted to own for a long time. Just imagine seeing a dream in which you are playing your favorite game on the console!

Written By; Kisholoy Mukherjee