10 crazy things single guys do to be gleeful considering the ” V-DAY”

Since V-day is round the corner, guys are being super hilarious and crazy on purpose just to have a light hearted conversations with girls just to fabricate a valentine-y environment and the situation is even all the more humorous when talking of single men.

#10. Writing on the palm

Writing on the palm
Literally, I have a crazy and an awesome friend who popped up a question,’ will you be my valentine?’ on a palm and sent its picture across in a virtual group. Of course, he meant no sense but then at the end of the day, the airs in the group got jocular.

#9. Casual flirting

The best part of the story is that single guys are adept at the art of flirting and they resort to it to fill the gaps of the emotional dearth prevalent on these very love exhibiting days. Again, the boring, mundane stuff gets a little cheerful.

#8. Writing poems

I can not laugh enough on reading the beautiful composed poems that are full of “fake admiration” and interestingly they are written with so much of enthusiasm that you can not stop falling for the words.

#7. The Theatrics

The drama of being a couple sometimes gets so serious that even the great play-write Shakespeare would take lessons from the modern day Romeo and Juliet. Everyone gets an A+ in the theatre classes when it comes to the genre of romantic comedy.

#6. Songs not so melodious though

The old, time tested skill of singing songs for the girls always helps a guy hit a sixer when he is a batsman and a bowl the girl over when he is to take a role of a bowler. Oh yes, it goes without saying the songs are not healthy for ears. Listen at your own risk.

#5. The lovey-dovey dialogues

I swear, even hollywood and bollywood will consider changing their script writers. The dialogues, the words, the tone, oh jeez, you would really feel as if he is your lover boy but the truth is, not a single thing is meant.

#4. The insignificant pump and airs

Adulation, for sure, is any girl’s weakness and I believe guys are pretty much aware of this and thus they indulge in full fledged fictitious adulation which amazingly girls also take seriously.

#3. Will you be my valentine?

Well, my sweet buddy asked me this random question writing on a palm but there are other ways as well. A few will write it on balloons, some will put it up on a notice board and another few will leave a note on your office desk. How funny is that! Someone, please ask them for how long?…:p

#2. The drawings

crazy things single guys do
The love portraying caricatures make me burst out into laughter loud enough that a person sitting two cubicles next to me can also hear the laugh. The drawings are super cute making everything so perfectly innocent.

#1. Here comes the ultimate part

Guys, all your proposal parts, are for fun sake, and you try to hit on as many girls within the range of your radar as possible but what if more than one girl says yes to you, your valentine’s day will become………. . Complete the sentence on your own….:p. You know it all.

Written By; Palak Gupta