10 Amazing Life Lessons Nature Wants Us To Learn

Nature is man’s first teacher and its messages are simple yet invaluable. Nature shows us what a joy existence is. How living in itself is a miracle. Everyday a new lesson awaits us, and nature happily brings them to us.

10 Amazing Life Lessons Nature Wants Us To Learn

1. When going gets tough, tough gets going

Amazing Life Lessons
A life is born with a purpose and in the direction of that purpose one usually faces several obstacles and challenges. When we move forward towards the realization of our dreams, our ‘speed’ is bothered by minor as well as major hindrances. Different kinds of challenges present forth to test our determination and passion. And many of us fall for the ‘easy way out’ which is to give up. Either our fear of failure or lack of enthusiasm takes over the better of us.

Nature teaches us to endure it to till the end, till the point where all the pain and suffering comes to fruition. Like a tiny seed shows the might to stand strong amidst nasty winds, challenging rains, scorching sun and harshness of life in general. It endures till it realizes its goal. Finally turning itself into a beautiful plant, and serving others through the life it fought for.

2. Being Generous and Not Expecting Anything in Return

bountiful trees around you
This one is simple to understand as human has always taken from Mother Nature with zilch thought of gratitude. But nature shows us how to be generous and not expect anything in return. Take a look at the bountiful trees around you, nourishing our hearts with serenity and our life with oxygen, shade and their bearings.

“Nothing in the nature lives for itself. Rivers don’t drink their own water. Trees don’t eat their own fruit. Sun doesn’t give heat for itself. Flowers don’t spread fragrance for themselves. Living for others is the Rule of Nature.”

3. There are some things we cannot control

some things we cannot control
Sometimes it happens in life that things are not in our control. However frustrating that may be, one needs to accept such things and focus on their next step. Mother Nature never holds back or cries over disastrous storms. Storms arrive, cause destruction and leave. But nature gets back to work again, restoring life, creating new and celebrating existence.

4. The Art of Happiness

A bird singing
We have got ourselves so busy with our way of life that we miss out on all the magic around us. Take time to go slow. Take time to go out in nature and hear the wind rustle in tree leaves. Listen to a bird singing away unabashedly. Watch tiny squirrels zoom in and out in the park. You will find how happy nature is. How happy its creations are. And that the true happiness is in being now and here.

5. Be flexible and learn to adapt

survival of the fittest
It was Darwin who brought forward the idea of “survival of the fittest” during his study of evolution. But don’t you think it is the basic life fact that has always existed and held true? Nature teaches us that one who can adapt, adjust and survive the extreme is bound to evolve. As Darwin showed us, species which were not fit could not surpass the survival challenges and were beaten to death. It is an essential life lesson, a mantra to grow and succeed in life. So never give up to life’s harshness and severities!

6. Even the smallest of things are important to life

Rose Baby
Mother Nature takes into account even the smallest of its creations. Tiny ants or even minute bacteria play significant role in maintaining ecological balances. Likewise human too should treat everyone equal. Know that no one has an upper hand or is inferior when it comes to life. All of us are a part of close-knit network, wherein each and every part is of importance. Also small things in life are no less important than big achievements.

7. Today is your day, live it completely

smallest things are important to life
The average human lifespan is 70 years which means thousands of days to taste life! How many of these days are we truly happy? How do we spend most of the time we have on this earth? You must be aware that there are bugs and flies that survive just a day. Only one day to experience all that life has to offer! And it is beautiful how they spend their life amongst their kinds learning, exploring and experiencing, without any worry of the future. Through them nature teaches us to live each day as if we were to die tomorrow. It teaches us to value things we have and also the fact that they will never be with us throughout our life time. So do things now. Love, celebrate, be adventurous and have fun all the while.

8. Simple is Beautiful

Simple is Beautiful
Mother Nature is boundless, bountiful, beautiful and simple. It is extremely powerful yet subtle. Everything about nature’s creations is like simple truth. And it is this simplicity that is so unique and complex. Like Leonardo da Vinci said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Nature reveals the beauty of keeping things simple, the importance of reducing clutter and noise. It teaches us to focus on what really matters.

9. Be Yourself

Be Yourself
Enlightened ones have said “be childlike”. A child when born is a pure form undistracted from the world around it. But as we grow up we accumulate so much of our surroundings that we forget who we really are. Our true self obscures under the conditionings of the worldly affairs. Nature teaches us to assume a state like that of a water lily. Amidst mud and dirt, the beautiful flower maintains its freshness, beauty and fragrance. So no matter where you live or what lifestyle you have, keep your true self unperturbed from worldly distractions. Be Yourself.

10. Stay hopeful in life

Stay hopeful in life
Joy and sorrow are two sides of the same coin. These are phases of life, the ups and downs that make the scenery of life a beautiful one. Without one the other is meaningless. Because we are better able to enjoy good times if we have experienced the bad ones. Like the joy of spring makes our heart bloom after the sunless, shivery days of winters.