How To Modernise Your Vintage Bedroom

The vintage style originates from the early 1900s, when furniture was sentimental and passed down from generations. The pieces were often well-loved which was visible in their worn appearance. This recently became a trend; to adorn one’s room with older looking pieces. Shabby chic anyone? Now whilst this may appear to be ‘stylish,’ it is very overdone. To prevent your room from falling into this category, I am going to offer you some quick tips on how to find the right balance between modern and vintage, just to ensure that your room is both quirky and stylish.

Modernise Your Vintage Bedroom:

1. Bed

Modernise Your Vintage Bedroom
Modernise Your Vintage Bedroom.

The bed is often the focal point, setting the scene for the rest of the room. Go for something that is wooden, and although the shade isn’t too important, opt for something distressed. You can even paint the headboard in the colour of your choice if you’re not happy with it; just ensure that it does not look too new. It may be worth painting the headboard and then running some sandpaper over it to give the wood a more ‘appreciated’ look. Once this has been done, you can move on to the bed linen. This is where the balance comes in. With a vintage looking bed, you need a more modern looking bedspread. The colour and print completely depends on your preference, but a pastel shade can help to maintain the feminine aspect of the room. You can also go all out with cushions and curtains in different prints; this is all up to you.

2. Wardrobes

Modernise Your Vintage Bedroom.
Modernise Your Vintage Bedroom.

The furniture in the room is your opportunity to really play with and enhance the theme. For storage purposes, it makes sense to invest in fitted wardrobes as it means that there will be more space to work with in the rest of the room. They can contribute to a more spacious and airy feel. Try and go for something that looks slightly tarnished, for example an oak finish. The wood grain effect helps to age the wardrobe, complementing the bed. However, keep the colour of the wood light to adhere to the vintage theme. As the actual wardrobes will be fitted, this helps to give the room a modern touch, and there you have it, the perfect balance!

3. Nightstand

Modernise Your Vintage Bedroom
Modernise Your Vintage Bedroom.

This is your chance to be creative and make the room look quirky. Now instead of going out and buying a nightstand, try stacking up a few mini suitcases beside your bed. This will not only look eccentric, but can also work as additional storage. The suitcases should look a bit worn, which again accentuates the vintage theme. You can try stacking up books if you feel that this could work better in the room. It is honestly all about preference. It is your space, so use the items that represent you.

4. Accessories

Modernise Your Vintage Bedroom
Modernise Your Vintage Bedroom.

Buy a vintage mannequin and hang your necklaces around it. This is a great way of storing necklaces, and helps the room to look more modern and girly. If the thought of having a mannequin in your room creeps you out a bit (imagine waking up to that in the middle of the night!), you can always just hang your necklaces on the wall and place a frame around them. This will give the room an edge, and you can also play around with coloured themes. Clear jars can also be used within the room. Try utilising them as pen pots or make-up brush holders. They give off a vintage vibe, but the way that you use them will help to give them a modern twist.

When thinking about decor, search for unique items. Go through some of your parents old things, you will be surprised by how much you may be able to use in your own bedroom. For example, you can use an old radio as decoration, or even an old telephone or typewriter. These will help to add character to the room. Try and go for colourful decorations to inject some colour and life back into the room.

You can also experiment with mixing different textures together, for example wood and metal. This is always a good idea because metal makes the room look a bit more modern. Vintage rooms can often look quite feminine, so you can try incorporating metal to toughen it up. Car boot sales and charity shops will be your best friend. You can pick up some unique items, and then if you want, you can start to work on the rest of the house!

The balance is easy to establish, for every vintage item, use a modern one. Good luck!

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This article was written by Qurratulain Zaheer, an expert in the field of interior design and lover of everything quirky and vintage. She recommends Hammonds Space for their fitted wardrobes and especially commends the Aragon Oak finish range for their vintage feel.

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